Wicked Big Meet 2015

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Some Wicked Cool Cars

If there’s one thing anyone knows about Subaru, it’s that the Subaru Outback is EVRYWHERE. The most well-known vehicle out of their lineup; normally purchased by people who enjoy hiking, and the golden retriever families from the commercials. If you don’t know the Outback, you will surely know the Wagon-Pickup hybrid, the Baja, which is a bulked up version of its older brother, the Brat. But did you know that Subaru produces a turbocharged 4 cylinder sedan that can produce over 380 horsepower right out of the factory?

New England does. So much so, that the region has an annual event showcasing these street-legal rally cars: the WRX, STI, & the newest BRZ.

2015 Wicked Big Meet, CT

On June 7th, Stafford Motor Speedway hosted America’s largest Subaru enthusiasts’ festival in the quaint town of Stafford Springs, Connecticut known as Wicked Big Meet. The event hosts spectators, racers, and everyday Subaru drivers all coming out to see all of the new and creative things happening within the Subaru community. The anticipation starts before you even get to the venue as groups of people typically meet beforehand to drive up together in one large group. Then before you know it, your convoy is joined by another one, or accommodates individual stragglers, and eventually you’re all parading down I-95 like you’re escorting the president. When you arrive, you’re greeted by a field of oversized spoilers and BBS wheels. Drivers from all over New England, New York, and beyond have come to share this similar passion.

Walking through the entrance gates, you come up on the brand new Subaru WRX STI and the BRZ, both coated in the (also new) Hyper blue paint, which was introduced to the 2016 models. Next to these were the roped off Nürburgring Challenge WRX STI; the pro rally car which competes in the 24-hour Nürburgring race in Germany. Afterwards, down the line from there were rows & rows of vendors, and everyday people with incredibly tuned as well as aesthetically pleasing Subarus. These individuals worked hard enough on their vehicles to be sponsored by the big names such as JNA Performance and ISC Suspension.

Numerous events were held throughout the day, including raffles at every vendor booth, social media photo contests, an exhaust competition, a popular limbo competition (how low can your Subaru go?), and my personal favorite, the Autocross. You can register your own Subaru and test your skills at the in-house race track, where organizers set up a course including speed, and sharp turns only meant for drifting.

Lisa CrowellWicked Big Meet 2015

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