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About ARS

Advanced Remarketing Services (ARS) is a technology company focused on the remarketing and automobile recycling sector. ARS’s primary focus is older, high mileage, & End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV).


Our solutions for consumers, charities, auto lenders, fleets, and dealers reduce associated greenhouse gases by removing the dirtiest and highest polluting vehicles from operation.

The automobile is the most heavily recycled consumer product.  End-of-life vehicles are an important commercial resource and efficient handling of these assets supply raw material to the steel manufacturing and used parts industries. Our applications connect worn out and end-of-life vehicles to the recycling stream.


We are a company committed to our clients, our people, and our communities. Doing well by doing good we try to inspire other organizations to support social missions as well as business objectives.


If you’d like to hear a brief overview of ARS and our services you can listen here to a June 2018 Radio interview with our President, Joe Hearn.


to really succeed for our clients, we need to understand their unique needs and adjust our services to these needs.”

Joseph Hearn, President & CEO












Why ARS?

Advanced Remarketing Services focuses on the entire Vehicle Life Cycle. Where there are dozens of remarketing companies that deal exclusively with late model ‘whole’ units, we handle not only the high dollar value pieces but also damaged vehicles, parts vehicles, low value units and end of life volume. These low value units are mostly overlooked by other remarketing companies – but where others see difficulty, we see opportunity.

Remarketing huge volumes of vehicles across a broad spectrum of buyers is a difficult task. Each unit presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. The key to long term success is making the most out every unit; our state of the art Remarketing Platform and call center and allow us to carefully assess each vehicle before taking action. We survey each unit, look closely at the basics of each piece along with condition, damage, title situation, and location. We assess every unit individually and then match the vehicle to the best sales venue to deliver the highest return.

Over many years, our experience in the remarketing industry has shown us that buyers come in all types, shapes, and sizes. We profile dealers, parts suppliers, dismantlers, recyclers, and scrap processors to find out their specific appetites. By understanding these appetites and marketing directly to them, the small shop has just as much buying power as the multi-location operation. We display our volume to our buyers based on their specific interests, including resale ready units, distance to purchase, import vs. domestic, late model, classics, or end of life. Depending on the vehicle, we can bring cars to the buyer or buyers to the car. Custom fitting the marketplace delivers remarkable results.

  • Vehicle Retail
  • Retail Auction
  • Whole Car Auction
  • Salvage Auction
  • Parts Operations
  • Dismantling Operations
  • Shredding





We focus our business processes to consider our impact on the environment and continually look for areas where we can minimize our footprint.

Purchase guidelines and human behavior are key drivers of our environmental responsibility.

Advanced Remarketing Services Sustainability Plan

  • Business recycling is not available in our community so we contract recycling services directly
  • We have a 12-month plan to reduce consumption of paper by 70%
  • By reducing use of postal service in favor of electronic delivery, we reduce paper consumption and the carbon emissions of delivery
  • We shred and recycle any and all office paper we do use, as well as cardboard
  • We use recycled paper products of at least 30% post-consumer content
  • Employees recycle all consumer recyclables (cans and plastics)
  • We encourage employees who do not have recycling services at home to bring in all recyclable material
  • Replacing office lighting with energy saving fluorescent bulbs
  • Shut off all lights, computers and business machines when not in use or activate the power management settings, allowing them to enter “sleep” mode while idle
  • Offer public transportation vouchers to reduce carbon emissions
  • Replacing office electronics with energy star graded units
  • Every day we look to cut waste- we buy supplies in bulk rather than small packages, minimize printing and mailing and eliminate non-recyclable packaging

Executive Team

For over thirty-five years, our team has been developing innovative solutions in a dynamic marketplace.

Joseph Hearn President & CEO

With over twenty years of experience, Joe is widely considered to be one of the foremost experts on national remarketing, vehicle recycling and car donations.

Robert Lyons Chairman

Bob has over thirty-five years experience building cutting edge solutions for vehicle management and the automotive insurance, repair and recycling industries.

John Lyons Vice President

John brings thirty-three years of experience from the auto salvage auction industries, enhancing ARS' services to the insurance, automotive recycling and not for profit industries.

Emily Pochman Sr. Director of Social Impact & Partnerships

Kelly Furtado General Manager

Kelly joined Advanced Remarketing Services in December of 2006 and brings over 18 years of salvage, logistics, operations, and processing experience to the company.

Jarred Suisman Technical Director

Jarred joined ARS in 2008 as a full stack developer.  Today, he oversees the continued development of our innovative, robust, and secure IT.  Jarred has an unnatural love of Peugeot cars.

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