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Scrap Metal Market: December 2017, Advanced Remarketing Services

Scrap Metal Market: December 2016

The metal market was able to stop the skid for the time being as scrap prices for crushed auto bodies increased nationally 4.1% since last month.  The average price per gross ton is now up to about $136.  The end of the year increase is encouraging after three straight months of steady decline. An article

Did You Know? A Look Into Automotive Recycling Facts

Cars and trucks are often the topic of conversation when it comes to world pollution. However, the automotive recycling industry is one of the most efficient programs running.  Consequently, in the U.S. and Canada alone there are over 11 million vehicles recycled every year.¹  The automotive recycling industry is continuously developing creative ways to reuse

11 Reasons Why We Love Autos (And You Should, Too!)

There are so many reasons to love autos…all kinds.  Here are our favorites: F – A – S – T !! Relatively speaking, they’re the most accessible (and cheapest) way to move really fast.  Sure, it may be cheaper to take the bus, but it sure doesn’t move as fast as a car can! It