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The Scrap Metal Market Update is a blog produced by Advanced Remarketing Services on the scrap steel market, specifically related to crushed auto body prices and other metals related to auto recycling.

Scrap Metal Market: February 2019 Scrap Steel Prices Decline Sharply

Scrap Steel Prices Fall by Most in Years as Market Awaits Outcome of U.S.-China Trade Talks The scrap metal market report for February 2019 shows the most significant decline in scrap steel prices in well over a year. In recent posts, we have alluded to the market showing declines due to world trade talks stalling,

Markets & Metals. Scrap Metal Market Update. Steel prices up in December report. Values of scrap steel are up and down due to multiple factors.

Scrap Metal Market: December 2018 Steel Prices Going Forward

Steel prices were up going into the last month of the year but are feeling pressures from falling oil prices, lack of exports overseas and slowing auto and housing industries. The December scrap metal report is ultimately a welcomed sight after four consecutive months of declines. While scrap steel prices were up and down in