Scrap Metal Market: May 2017

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The May 2017 update on the scrap metal market continues the positive trend that we are seeing.  For the sixth month in a row the national average price for crushed auto bodies increased albeit just 1.6%.  This brought the national average to about $188, the highest mark since January 2015.  Compared to the same month a year ago the scrap metal market is up 32%.  However, this still falls 34% short of the May metal market average between 2011-2014 when the market was at its strongest.

The biggest increased occurred in Zone 4 (Northeast) where there was about a 10% increase.  The rest of the country had marginal increase or decreases.

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NOTE: All figures are believed to be reliable and represent approximate pricing based on information obtained prior to publication. Data is sourced from American Recycler, London Metal Exchange, iScrap App, and Scrap Monster.  Advanced Remarketing Services is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided, or for the use or application of information herein.

Zack LaskyScrap Metal Market: May 2017

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