May 2015 Scrap Metal Market Watch & Low End Analytic

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Scrap Metal Market Trends

Scrap metal prices for crushed auto bodies continue to drop. We’ve seen a decline of 5.61% over the past month, 50.70% over the past year, and 57.05% over the past two years. Despite some leveling out in the steel market, this trend is expected to continue, as economic improvement measures are slated to continue into early 2017, affecting all commodities pricing.

Low End Value Analytic

This month we saw a 2% decrease in the auction performance over last month’s low end value analytic. Year over year, we saw a 13% decrease. Downtrends in auction performance are typically attributed to shifts in vehicle allocation, but are currently driven by crushed auto bodies pricing.

* On a month to month basis, Advanced Remarketing Services monitors the sales performance of vehicles on the low end of the value spectrum. The values tracked here are pre-loss Average Cash Values (ACVs) less than $3,000. The included chart illustrates the monthly performance of average wholesale auction results by value.

Chart | Scrap Metal Market Trends

Chart | Low End Value Analytic
S.A. StevensonMay 2015 Scrap Metal Market Watch & Low End Analytic

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