If You Don’t Mind

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What makes us good at what we do? As an individual … as a company? There’s a multi-dimensional answer to that that starts with one’s mind and ends with the right balancing act.

As an individual, it means balancing responsibilities and pleasures; balancing home, work, friends, family, fun. As a company it means balancing the books, mix of employees, steadfast mission vs risky new directions.

The right balance = good health. Be it mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, fiscal,…whatever you’re striving to balance, when you get it right you know it. It takes on its own momentum and positive energy.

If you’re following us, you know back in May we had a get fit step challenge where we competed against each other to do the most walking in a month. Objective: strive for a healthier lifestyle by introducing a physical challenge. Some of us were already dedicated to our own workout regimen, while others found a new friend in the program. It was fun for everyone as we set personal goals, talked “smack” to one another, and surprised ourselves at how much we could actually achieve.

Meditation In Mind

Now, we’re focusing on the connection between mind, body and spirit through a 21-day meditation program. Open to all employees, a quiet space has been dedicated in the office for employees who wish to participate in the 20 minute daily guided meditation. “Gratitude” is the theme of our experience and having participated in gratitude programs in the past, I know the benefits of this kind of mental exercise. Similar to a workout in the gym where a particular exercise reshapes your muscles…gratitude exercises reshape your brain. As you are better able to lift heavier objects the more you exercise your muscles, when you practice gratitude exercises you are better able to find, with very little effort, gratitude instead of disappointment.

Life is stressful, with pressure from all angles as we struggle to find our balance. The balance we seek is for our internal self as well as our external self – the self that co-exists with others. Every one of us wants to be understood and live in harmony with the world around us. We aren’t able to do that until we realize WE are part of the harmony equation. When we thoughtfully seek and practice gratitude, we are balancing that equation.

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