Giving Tuesday; 3 Reasons to Donate a Car Before the End of the Year

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Vehicle donations make a real difference to worthy causes.

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, I think we can all agree that this election season was rough.  Now more than ever, we need people who will strengthen communities, fill our world with beauty, and bring hope to the hopeless.  I’m so fortunate to work every day with people just like that.  People whose full-time job is feeding the hungry, finding cures for cancer, building homes for the homeless, and filling our world with beautiful art and music.  For the past ten years Car Donation Wizard has enabled thousands of generous people to donate their cars for charity.  I’m so proud that this, the social enterprise leg of my business, has generated millions of dollars to ensure that this vital work continues.  On Giving Tuesday and throughout the season of end-of-year giving, I want to encourage everyone to pick a charity or nonprofit organization that moves you and GIVE.¹

If you can’t give cash, donating a car or vehicle during this time period is a great way to give back.  Here are three reasons why you should donate a car or vehicle before Dec. 31st.

  • Worthy causes need your donations NOW.  – The raw truth is that the amount of good work that a charitable organization does depends on how much cash they have on hand.  For most nonprofits, a large portion of the revenue they need comes during the months of October to December.  For some smaller nonprofits a bad giving season could drastically limit the amount of food they serve the hungry, the number of trees they plant in your neighborhood, or the amount of research they can do to end kids cancer.  Just like Black Friday could make or break some retail businesses, a bad end-of-year season could make or break a nonprofit.²
  • Vehicle donations are worth more than you think. – While that junker that’s leaving oil spots on your driveway is just an eyesore to you, it could be worth much more to your charity of choice.  Could you, right now, write a check for $542 to your favorite cause?  Well that’s the average amount that’s given to a nonprofit for the donation of a vehicle through Car Donation Wizard.  Usually the revenue generated from a car donation is two to three times larger than what a person would give as an individual gift.
  • It’s quick, easy and tax-deductible.When people ask me “How can I donate my car?” they are often surprised at how easy it is.  It comes down to three simple steps :
  1. Go to and choose one of the many charities we serve.
  2. Fill out a simple form.
  3. Schedule a time for someone to come and pick up the vehicle and get the tax deduction.

That’s it.  As soon as we have the car we assess the vehicle, and determine how we can get the best value, so that the charity gets the most money available because of your donation, and you get the largest possible tax-deduction.  Within a few weeks we mail you a receipt with the date of your car donation and the amount the vehicle was worth.  

So do it right now.  Take a moment and give to your favorite charity.  Whether it’s a cash donation or you donate a vehicle, you can be sure that whatever you do is making the world a better place.  So, from me to you, thank you so much for making a difference in all our communities.

Joseph Hearn

President & CEO

Advanced Remarketing Services

Why Donate on Giving Tuesday

Joe HearnGiving Tuesday; 3 Reasons to Donate a Car Before the End of the Year

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