Customer Service Week 2017

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Customer Service Week 2017 occurred during the week of October 2nd through October 6th.  It is a week designed to give appreciation to those who work in the field!

Customer service can sometimes be a thankless job. For those who work in the customer service field, we know that helping someone can go a long way and we can appreciate those who extend their time helping someone.

Working in the customer service industry can be challenging BUT also rewarding. Everyone here at Advanced Remarketing Services will, without question, go out of their way to make sure the customer is happy. For the workers who handle phone calls all day, more than many people will in a month, all while maintaining a positive attitude. Each department has their own tasks, challenges and roles they play to make sure they are giving outstanding service. This is something to be celebrated, especially during Customer Service Week.

In honor of Customer Service Week we are sharing our love for CSR’s everywhere and in our company with fun activities. Here is what we did for our employees at Advanced Remarketing Services from October 2nd-6th, 2017.

Monday 10/2 – SUPERLATIVES –  We handed out a Superlative list for those to vote who they believed fit the category.  It’s a way to celebrate the many skills and talents that our staff has!

Tuesday 10/3 SHOUT OUT BOARD – We posted a board which gave our employees a fun way to express anything they wanted to share or just to tell a fellow employee how fabulous they are.

Wednesday 10/4 – We had a BREAKFAST PARTY. We had Panera Bread cater our breakfast with pastries, bagels, fruit, and yogurt parfaits, coffee, milk and juice.  A good breakfast fuels us to a productive day!

Thursday 10-5 THE SUPERLATIVE WINNERS AND THEIR PRIZES WERE ANNOUNCED.  Congratulations to everyone who was voted for by their peers!  

Friday 10-6 We celebrated the October birthdays with chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream and participated in ACS DENIM & PINK DAY, doing our part helping saving lives from Breast Cancer. Anyone who wanted to wear denim and/or pink were asked to donate $5.

Acknowledging our employees for the hard work they do goes to show how much we truly appreciate them. This is a part of what makes a great company and ARS a great company to work for.  Check out our staff page to see all of the amazing employees that we get to work with everyday.

Courtney SevignyCustomer Service Week 2017

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