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Wreckonomics© 2020, Economic overview of low value vehicle market

The focus of our Wreckonomics© series, is to examine the sustained and specific appetite for older, high mileage, and negative equity vehicles.    As we close out 2019 and look to the new decade, we wanted to leave you with some current insights into the used car marketplace and specifically the performance and outlook for

Wreckonomics Dispatches: URG Annual Conference 2019

The URG Training Conference took place April 11th-13th, 2019 and Advanced Remarketing Services was there too meet with United Recycler Group members. Advanced Remarketing Services had a terrific few days at the URG Annual Conference in Orlando, FL this past weekend.  This annual conference is a gathering of URG members who are vehicle recyclers, dismantlers, parts

Wreckonomics™: Apex Age for Vehicle Retirement

The record vehicle sales of the past few years combined with the consumer preference for holding onto cars for longer has created a massive volume of cars about to reach peak age for vehicle retirement. In 2019 and in the coming years vehicle retirement is going to be a topic you may become familiar with

Wreckonomics™ Special: Charity Cars Future

The Future of Charity Cars Donation Programs As we close out 2018, many of our non-profit clients have been asking about the future of car donation programs for 2019.  So in this special edition of our Wreckonomics™ Series, we’re going to focus exclusively on the future of charity cars programs. We'll be focusing on the

Wreckonomics Dispatches: Used Car Week

Earlier this month, ARS was proud to participate in Used Car Week in Scottsdale AZ. A production of Cherokee Media, UCW is a huge annual event with thousands of attendees and exhibitors.  The conference carries one of the broadest conversations about remarketing, finance, repossession and dealer sectors. It’s one of our favorite conferences of the

Wreckonomics Dispatches: Automotive Recyclers Association Convention & Expo

We were pleased to exhibit at ARA’s 75th Annual trade show & Expo.  The show’s focus is to connect Industry Leaders in the Automotive Recycling World. For us it’s the best event to connect directly to Licensed Domestic Recyclers and Dismantlers. Recyclers are an innovative and solution focused group.  Unlike many other industries they are

Wreckonomics™: EIA Report

The U.S. Department of Transportation conducted a survey that has been released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) that concludes households are holding onto vehicles longer in 2017 compared to 2009. Continuing our conversation on the volume use and of older vehicles on U.S. roadways, an interesting report was recently released by the United

Wreckonomics™ Dispatches: NACE/Automechanica 2018

Just back from NACE/Automechanica and the Collision Industry Conference CIC. Craig Roberts and I attended and had a chance to meet up with many old friends and new ones from across the Property and Casualty arena. As well as other vendors and enterprises. The conversations we had continued to affirm in our minds that the

Introduction to Wreckonomics™: Auto Recycling in 2018

Introduction to Wreckonomics™ is a primer for auto recycling in 2018, the appetite for vehicles being retired from U.S. roadways and the market for the scrap metal and materials that can be reused from the most recycled consumer product: the automobile. The focus of Wreckonomics™ is on the economics related to end of life vehicles.  Automobiles are

Wreckonomics™ Dispatches: Automotive Intelligence Summit 2018

Last month ARS participated in the Automotive Intelligence Summit a first-year event presented by Cherokee Media; the publishers of Auto Remarketing and the presenters of Used Car Week. We were excited to participate in the conversations surrounding the practical uses of the huge amount of data currently being collected from the automotive marketplace by operations,