Success at AFP 2016

Thanks to all those who visited us at the Association of Fundraising Professionals 2016 Conference! We’re excited to continue the conversation following AFP, and to celebrate returning over $100 million to our charity partners. This year offered an exciting opportunity to prominently feature the UNICEF Civil Society program at our AFP booth. Visitors were able

Why I Switched to MariaDB and Haven’t Looked Back

As a longtime Oracle user, I always felt that MySql was in “catch up” mode. It only developed ACID-compliant transactions and Declarative Referential Integrity begrudgingly, after InnoDB came along, and even then was still missing “big” database features like point in time recovery. Still at some point early in the new millennium, MySql matured enough

Motor for your Mission

No matter how much we may care about curing disease, eliminating poverty or ending homelessness, if there are no funds, no good work will be done. Charitable organizations know the only way to tackle the massive issues that plague the world today is to scale up. The organization must be big enough, be well known

data security

ARS: Data Security

From identity theft to credit card breaches, Americans are impacted by inadequate data security policies every year, leaving many unsure of which organizations to trust. The need for greater data security is increasing as more and more businesses offer their customers enhanced services which require the handling, transfer, and storage of personal information. For organizations

road sign scams

Charity Scams and Scammers: Absolute Villains

These scams have to stop. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission and regulators for all 50 States filed complaints alleging that a family group and members of their church congregation bilked donors of $187 million over five years. That number again is $187,000,000!!!!!! The complaints identify four connected groups operating as “personal fiefdoms” and “sham charities”. The

Is Your Junk Car Recyclable or Landfill Bound?

Each year, around 10 million vehicles are disposed of in the United States. Before vexing your conscience, you should know that over 95 percent of these “retired” cars head straight to one of the 7,000 vehicle recycling operations around the country and 75 percent of these cars’ parts are completely recycled, letting cars claim top

Empire State Building’s Retrofit Program Achieves 2010 ENERGY STAR Certification

Source: American Recycler The energy efficiency work at the Empire State Building, the world’s most famous office building, has achieved another milestone on its journey for sustainability leadership in the commercial real estate community by receiving its second ENERGY STAR certification from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The certification signifies that the property’s energy