June 16, 2015
Author:  Lisa Crowell

So, you’re thinking about donating your vehicle, but you’re not sure.  Remember – donating is a good thing!  Whether its your time, attention, money, skills, help or belongings, sharing what you have is what strengthens and brings us together.  No one can do it alone.  And, no one has to!

Donating your vehicle is one of the easiest things you can do.  In fact, you can get started right here.  Once you donate your vehicle, it will be re-sold to a licensed buyer and the proceeds will be given to the registered charity of your choice.

Still not sure if donating is right for you?  Here are the top ten reasons that might help you “see the light”:

  • Charities depend on your support Charities are organizations established with the sole purpose of providing help and raising money for those in need. They’re only able to do their good work using money donated to them. No donations means they aren’t able to operate.
  • Your donation could change someone’s life It could provide the funding needed to complete the construction of a Habitat home, the UNICEF delivery of medicine to save a child’s life, the discovery of a new cancer medicine, job training for a displaced Veteran…or any number of significant life improving services offered by national charitable organizations.  Find one that’s right for you here.
  • Karma is a… Someday, you may find yourself in need of help and calling on the generosity of others.
  • Tax deduction Your contribution may be eligible for a charitable tax deduction which could lower your tax bill.
  • If you are able to give, you should Period.
  • Donating your vehicle gives you an extra parking space You’ll finally get to reclaim the space in your garage, driveway or yard.
  • Kiss overpriced insurance, repairs, inspections, and gas-ups goodbye Let’s face it…no one wants to pay for repairs or inspections that undoubtedly lead to more repairs.  And, it might…sorry WOULD be nice to have the extra cash from the expense savings and tax deduction in your pocket.
  • Helping others makes you feel good If you’ve never done it before, try it!  Studies have shown that volunteering and being kind to others makes us happier, healthier, and kinder people all around.
  • It’s easy and fast Car Donation Wizard is the easiest and fastest way to donate your vehicle. We work hard to ensure the maximum funds are raised from your donation making the most impact for your charity. We are proud to give between 75-85%* of the proceeds back to your charity which is more than any other vehicle donation program gives back!
  • Giving back is the right thing to do Period. Period.

Still not sure?  Call us today and we’ll help you determine if making a vehicle donation it’s the right thing for you and if so, what charity you want to help.

* Actual percentage for each vehicle sale is determined by the gross selling price of that vehicle which may be affected by condition of vehicle, time of year, venue, location or other variables.

Lisa CrowellWhy Should I Donate My Car to Charity?