Momentum Builds Behind Electric Cars in RI

If you’re a Rhode Island resident, you’ve probably noticed a recent increase in electric vehicles (EVs) on the road. You may be asking yourself, “how can all of these people afford electric cars?!” For many years, there’s been a stereotype that only wealthy individuals can afford them. Through recent efforts, electric vehicles are becoming more affordable for those living in the Ocean State. 

Due to Rhode Island’s rebate program, this is a great time to look into electric vehicle ownership. Over the summer, Governor McKee began his #RIMomentum Tour with the launch of DRIVE EV. This program reduces the costs of electric vehicle ownership for all Rhode Islanders through a number of incentives. DRIVE EV rebates are available to those who buy or lease battery, fuel-cell, or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Additionally, DRIVE EV FLEET offers rebates for small businesses, nonprofits, and public sector entities who purchase or lease EVs.

With clear benefits for the environment, the hope is that DRIVE EV will increase the number of electric vehicle drivers in Rhode Island. The small state is making big efforts to combat climate change. “Rhode Island is a national leader in clean energy innovation and we’re ready to build on our momentum to maintain that lead,” Governor McKee stated at the launch.

If you own an older internal combustion engine car and you’re considering making the switch to electric, you could help the state of Rhode Island in many ways. Your older vehicle will probably be sold directly to an auto-recycler. Automotive recyclers are crucial players in the life cycle of vehicles, ensuring parts are safely reused and resold, hazardous materials are properly handled and any remaining parts of the vehicle are recycled. Even better, if you choose to donate your older car, you will raise funds for a charity of your choice. Our company partners with many local Rhode Island charities. Through these steps, YOU hold the power to improve Rhode Island’s future!

To learn more details about DRIVE EV, click here.

To learn more about selling your old car and making the switch to electric, click here.

To learn more about donating your car, check out Car Donation Wizard for more information. 

For information on road safety, read the safety guide for responsible young drivers or check out the guide for understanding driver fatigue.

Alexa ReisMomentum Builds Behind Electric Cars in RI

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