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Chinese Automakers Focus on Launching into U.S.

The last adjustment they will have to make is obviously navigating their way around this new tariff hike. Michael Dunne, CEO of Chiense automotive adviser ZoZo Go, believes that the tariff is a “decoy” and specifically a direct threat to China’s electric car industry because “technology is what the trade negotiators are working on”. China

Light Trucks, A Booming Market, Advanced Remarketing Services

Light Trucks, A Booming Market

“Out with the old, in with the new” seems to be an accurate way to describe the trend happening in the out-performance of light trucks to its traditional car counterparts in new vehicle sales. For years, sales between light trucks (which includes SUVs and CUVs) and cars have been evenly split or even favored cars

Wreckonomics: Discussion of End of Life and Low Value Vehicles

Wreckonomics™: Apex Age for Vehicle Retirement

The record vehicle sales of the past few years combined with the consumer preference for holding onto cars for longer has created a massive volume of cars about to reach peak age for vehicle retirement. In 2019 and in the coming years vehicle retirement is going to be a topic you may become familiar with

Vehicle VIN Cloning Scams and Ways to Prevent It

Vehicle VIN Cloning Scams and Ways to Prevent It

According to the FBI, vehicle theft in the United States is at an all-time high since 2009. Many of these stolen vehicles are chopped up, and sold for parts. However, car thieves have now found a more lucrative way to sell stolen cars—VIN cloning. VIN cloning is a sophisticated crime, and is termed as the

The Scrap Metal Market Update is a blog produced by Advanced Remarketing Services on the scrap steel market, specifically related to crushed auto body prices and other metals related to auto recycling.

Scrap Metal Market: March 2019 Scrap Market Continues to Slide

While the scrap market slump lingers on it looks to stabilize with the possible completion of U.S.-China trade talks and the ongoing recovery of the Brazil mining disaster. The scrap market has stabilized going into March relative to the February market report. Last months blog of course showed the largest decline in the National Crushed